Food for Life - Gold Catering

We are GOLD……..

July 13, 2016


We have recently been awarded a GOLD award.

This means that all the children served by Cheshire East Catering are eating food everyday that meets the highest possible standards of the ‘Food for Life’ catering mark awarded by the soil association.

The gold catering mark measures every penny spent on ethical, environmentally friendly and local ingredients and recognises healthy menus where at least 15 per cent of ingredients are Organic.

Councillor Liz Durham, Cabinet member for children and families said: “My mother was a great school cook and I have always championed the importance of a high standard of food in schools. In my 25 year career as a school governor, it is something that I have made and will continue to make a top priority.”

“A nutritious meal is so important to the health and academic performance of our children, enabling them to eat well and helping to ensure that they are able to achieve more”

“I wholeheartedly congratulate them on their achievement in placing good nutrition and the health of our children at the heart of their service”

We are proud to be serving up such award winning, homemade, quality food!