Food for Life - Gold Catering

Creating delicious healthy meals is easy when you use delicious healthy ingredients, and ours are among the best, sourced locally wherever possible.

But perhaps our most important ingredient is imagination. Our Food Development team is constantly developing new dishes and incorporating new ingredients to add interest, taking inspiration from different cultures, restaurants and retailers.

We take great pride in cooking everything fresh on-site, and menus typically include home-made dishes of the day, fresh veg (in season) and a salad bar.

Home-made cakes and biscuits and fruit and cereal; fresh fruit, milk and milk drinks are always available too. We also provide vegetarian options and naturally cater for any special diets or requirements.

At Fresh, we’re totally committed to healthy eating for life, and encourage it at every opportunity.

We promote our menus in school and via our website, and often bring suppliers in to talk to children about the food they provide – our fruit and veg supplier can even give an in-class ‘smoothie’ making lesson!