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Fresh is, quite simply, the name for Cheshire East Catering Services. We provide healthy and nutritious school meals – but we realise we also have a vital role with our children, and as a key partner in the success of every school.

We do more than just feed children; we educate their palates, encourage them to try new things and make sure school meal times are an enjoyable and social highlight of their day. We engage with parents too, making sure they’re aware of what we offer, encouraging take-up and helping them understand the value of nutrition.

For schools, we provide an efficient, thoroughly professional service; we care about what we do, and constantly aim to improve by listening to feedback and acting on it. We see working with you as a partnership, providing you with a sustainable catering service you can rely on, so you can focus on your real core activities.

That’s our Fresh approach; and it’s what makes ours a catering partnership with the right ingredients.

Fresh Food Farm

Fresh food from field to fork

We always use the freshest ingredients

So wherever possible, we buy produce locally – after all, it makes for healthier meals and a healthier local economy. We use many suppliers in the area, many of them family-owned, so our food is fully traceable and in-season; it tastes better too, and is full of natural goodness. For example, virtually all our baking potatoes are Cheshire-grown; fruit and veg comes from county growers wherever possible; and all our bread is supplied by Roberts Bakery in Northwich.

Using local producers also means our food travels fewer miles, keeping our environmental impact low and quality high. All our suppliers – local or otherwise – are strictly vetted to meet the highest hygiene, specification and sustainability standards: our meat is sourced from Farm Assured suppliers, for instance, and fish products are Marine Stewardship Council-certified.

We promise

Food Plate
  • …to provide exceptional food and outstanding service
  • …to put fresh, quality local produce at the heart of every menu
  • …to listen to feedback and constantly strive to improve what we do
  • …to work with schools and parents to help up-take of school meals
  • …to make meal times a valued and important part of the school day

Work with us

We’re always looking for people to be part of the Fresh team – so if you think you have the right ingredients to join us, take a look at our current vacancies. The link will take you through to the Cheshire East website, where all our job listings are posted.

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